New User Orientation

The Knowledge Base Orientation page has been designed to aid Quartex Community Platform users align the most relevant support materials to their individual stages of project management and site build. Whilst teams may approach their Quartex project management and site builds differently, the five categories below serve to guide teams through the process, making suggestions of what to do and when.

Technical FAQs

Articles here provide key information around Quartex's technical infrastructure, including supported browsers, software licences, business continuity and accessibility policy. 

Getting Started

Not sure where to start? You are not alone - our Getting Started section is always popular, collating support materials designed to ease you in. Focusing on the platform basics, sharing preparation tips and jargon busting, this is the perfect place to get started.

Clients Manager                                                                                        My Assets Dashboard
Glossary                                                                                                      In-Platform Help
Introducing Collections                                                                            Field Configuration
Manage Assets Column Options                                                           Requesting Custom URLs
File Upload Preparation                                                                         


This section takes a deep-dive into everything you need o know about asset and metadata imports. Want to know how to use the Quartex Uploader, or thinking "What on earth is the Quartex Uploader?", we've got it covered here. The Imports articles also cover popular topics such as Library System Integrations (OAI-PMH), Field Mappings and File Replacement.

Asset Imports
Metadata Management
Library Systems Integration

Digital Asset Management

Want to learn how to monitor your DAM (Digital Asset Management) in Quartex, manage your metadata and take control over record promotion? Or perhaps better understand Quartex preservation, analytics or in-platform reporting? These and many other related topics are covered in the Project Management Section. 

Manage Assets                                                                                        Processes and Transcription
Editing Assets                                                                                          Reporting
Collection Management                                                                         Controlled Vocabulary Configuration

Site Build

The Site Build section gets to the nitty gritty of everything you need to know about creating and customizing your Quartex website. With detailed explanations of different page types, content items and configuration options, you will find all the information you need to design a website that not only looks wonderful, but actually helps your users navigate it optimally. We've even included some suggestions around which page types or features work best where and to achieve certain user journeys throughout your collections. 

Page Management                                                                                  Media Library
Content Items                                                                                           Site Styles
Assets List                                                                                                Site Configuration

End User Information

Interested in how front-end features work and how these can enhance user experience for your audience? The final, Live Interface section focuses on My Account, Save and Share Search functionality, Search Advice, Browser Performance and Accessibility Controls. 

My Account                                                                                              Image Viewers
Accessibility                                                                                             Social Media Integration
Search Functionality                                                                               End-User Download Options