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The Knowledge Base Table of Contents details every support article available within the Quartex Community Platform and indicates the broader categories and sub-categories into which each is organised. 

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About Quartex Release Notes        Technical Infrastructure Instructional Videos
Glossary Accessibility Overview Data Security Software Licences
In Platform Help Search Engine Optimization An Introduction to Key Areas of a Quartex Website

Record URLs

Getting Started

Client Manager
Introducing Collections
File Upload Preparation
Field Configuration
Change Password Introduction to Collections Preparing Assets for Import Asset, Item and Section Fields
Two-Factor Authentication Create a New Collection Supported File Types Field Types & Date Formats
Add or Edit Users Edit Collections Required Fields
User Roles and Permissions Indexed or 'Promoted' Fields
Deactivate and Reactivate Users Advanced Field Options
Search Users Supported Standards
Site Map Utilizing HTML in Free-Text Fields
My Assets Dashboard
In Platform Help
Manage Asset Column Options


Asset Imports
Metadata Management
Library Systems Integration
Supported File Types Metadata Import Expose Metadata
FTP Upload Asset Spreadsheet Layout Harvest Metadata
Downloading the Quartex Uploader Item Spreadsheet Layout Access Controls
Using the Quartex Uploader
Importing Custom Thumbnails
Section Spreadsheet Layout
In-Platform File Upload and Replacement Delete Field Mapping Templates
Transcoding Troubleshooting Metadata Imports
Troubleshooting FTP Create and Edit Field Mappings
Troubleshooting the Quartex Uploader Export Metadata
Assign Additional Field Groups
Metadata-Only Records
Metadata Import Reports

Digital Asset Management

   Manage Assets
Editing Assets
Controlled Vocabulary Configuration
Processes and Transcription
Navigating the Assets List Working with Compound Assets What is a Controlled Vocabulary? Processes and Process Status
Add Folder Creating Sections Building Controlled Vocabularies Process Monitoring
Assign Assets to a Collection Related Assets Approving Controlled Vocabulary Terms Run OCR and Monitor Usage
Unassign Assets from a Collection File Properties Deleting a Controlled Vocabulary Run HTR and Monitor Usage 
Review Assets Batch Edit Managing Controlled Vocabularies (Combine & Other Features) Transcribe AV and Monitor Usage
Asset and Record Status Renaming Assets Upload and Replace Transcripts
Building Lists of Assets for Batch Processes Download Restrictions Edit AV Transcripts
Recycle Bin            

           AV Transcoding

In-Platform Cataloguing
Collection Management
Assign Collections to Website(s) Export Metadata
Delete Collections Record Status Export
Promote to Website Site Analytics
Collection-Level Usage Reporting using Google Analytics 

Site Build

Page Management
Content Items
Assets List
Media Library

Changing Page Order or Level

Overview of Content Items

Configuring Asset, Item and Section Metadata Display

Introduction to the Media Library

Starting, or 'Required' Pages

Add and Manage Content Items Configuring the Assets List Cropping Images in the Media Library

Rename Pages

iFrame Configuring Sort Options Rename and Delete files from the Media Library

Create a New Page

Image Carousel Configuring Side-Bar Filters Aspect Ratios

Preview and Delete Pages

Multiple Thumbnails with Text Configure Advanced Search File Properties

Publish and Unpublish Pages

Two Thumbnails with Text Asset Details Configuration Options Media Library Upload and Folder Management

Duplicate Static Content Pages

Text A-Z List View Metadata Fields

Static Content Page Configuration

Text Box  Configuring Summary Metadata

External Link (Page Type) Configuration

Search Categories

Exhibition Configuration


List Page Configuration

TinyMCE Text Editor

List Landing Page Configuration

Navigation List Heading

Download Files

Homepage Configuration

Search Bar

Configuring Secondary Navigation


Site Styles
My Sites Dashboard
Site Configuration
Request Custom URL
Site Colours User Acknowledgement
Colour Map
Masthead Configuration
Navigation Styling
Footer Configuration
Styling Preview

End User Information

Search Functionality
Image Viewers
My Account
Focus Visible Sitewide Search IIIF Mirador Viewer Saved Searches
Adding Alt Text to Images Search Within Printed Records Using the Image Viewer Bookmarking Records or Items
Keyboard Controls Search Within Manuscript Records

Using the AV Player 

Compare Pages

My Account
Audio Descriptions Search Within AV Records
List Page Search
Advanced Search
Search Engine Optimization
Save and Share Search
Refining Results through Search Criteria
Search Relevance
Search Static Content
End -User Download Options
Social Media Integration
Share via Social Media